Colored Epoxy Resin Kits


 Our epoxy is the primer and the finish all in one. Wait 7 hours in between each coat. All metallic applications must have a back drop color we have 12 back drop colors to choose from.

Colored Epoxies is a two component super flexible epoxy coating system (2:1 Mix Ratio of Two Resins to one Curative). This durable coating is flexible and abrasion resistant. Colored Epoxies is 100% Solids coating and is Zero VOC & VOHAP Free. Colored Epoxies is to be used in combination with our Clear Coat for Exterior Applications to protect the epoxy from yellowing from UV damage, chemicals, and oxidation. Colored Epoxies has superb performance in architectural applications. Trust in Colored Epoxies High Performance Architectural Coatings to protect your investments from UV degradation and damage from the environment. Our durable coatings provide abrasion resistance for long wear resistance and color retention.

Our Colored Epoxies' Nano-Composite Technology exhibits a higher transmission of visible light which makes our colors more beautiful and vibrant and your buildings more energy efficient.

Our products will adhere to Prepared Surfaces, Concrete, Wood, Fiberglass. Pot Life is approximately 30 min.

Colored Epoxies has a commitment to total quality. Product comes in 3 containers, two containers of Resin and one container of Curative.

Colored Epoxies was designed to be applied over Iron, Steel, and Concrete Structures for Industrial Environments, Machine Rooms, and Facility Maintenance.

Colored Epoxies offers the widest selection in Colored Resins! Use our Colored Resinous flooring for broadcasting ColorFlakes, Quartz, Color Granules, Mica Flakes, Polymer Color Flakes, Paint Chips, Color Glitters, save money from purchasing Epoxy Pigments. Create beautiful back drop to enhance your working designs. Save money from full broadcasting.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Make sure that you order enough material to complete your job! Check you square footage measurements and coverage to determine the correct amount of material for your project. Custom Colors Dye Lots May Vary Between Orders.



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