Minimum 10Lb order.

All flake orders are sold by 5 Lb increments, max 50 Lb per box.

This product takes from 3 to 5 business days processing time.

Our Fluorescent flakes was designed to be used in a variety of decorative applications, including seamless, resinous flooring systems and multi-colored floor and wall systems.

Designed to match any décor, flexibility and strength, colorfast, uv stable pigments, fast turnaround times, suitable in many environments. 

Floor application coverage rates: 

Flake Size:              Full  coverage       Medium coverage     Light  coverage     

All Sizes                     13 Sf/lb.               20 Sf/lb.                         25 Sf/lb.                      

*Coverage rates vary depending on customer preferences and application techniques. Coloredepoxies.com does not guarantee exact coverage rates.

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