MCU Super UV Clear Coat


MCU Super UV Clear Coat is a flexible protective clear coating that can be used as a finish coat for our SuperFlex Colored Epoxy Resin Kits and shield substrates from harmful UV rays, harsh chemicals, salt spray and abrasion. MCU Super UV Clear Coat is a long lasting durable semi-gloss coating in a hydrophobic waterproof adhesive binder.  MCU Super UV Clear Coat has great coverage, adhesion, gloss retention. This Colored Epoxies' Clear Coat is the Lowest VOC Coating in its class. 

Our moisture cured polyurethane MCU is an Aliphatic isocyanate single component 100% clear non-amber which has been developed and formulated by us to protect against UV degradation, UV sunlight, UV fading, chalking from the suns harmful rays.

Single Component Moisture Cured polyurethanes MCU needs to be applied over all epoxy floors, exterior concrete, colored stamped concrete to protect against harmful chemicals, such as gasoline, oils, road salts, ocean salt sprays.

Single Component moisture cured polyurethanes MCU are extremely impact resistant, bendable, flexible, scratch resistant, will never peel off from the heat of hot car tire marks.

Single component MCU are hydrophobic, mold and mildew resistant, can be applied up to 99% humidity over a clean dry surface.
MCU is available in colors please contact us directly for more information
MCU is excellent for protecting expensive exterior wood finishes.
MCU is amazing for steel, metals, gunite and plaster. 

Quart shipping weight: 3 lbs

Gallon shipping weight: 10 lbs

5 gallon shipping weight: 50 lbs

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