Our epoxy is the primer and the finish all in one.Wait 7 hours in between each coat.

Our Clear Epoxy is a two component flexible epoxy coating system ( 2:1 Mix Ratio of Two Resins to one Curative).Clear Epoxy Resin Coating is flexible, durable and abrasion resistant epoxy flooring solution.

Colored Epoxies has formulated 100% Clear Resin non amber very flexible bendable when fully cured will not crack and break has ZERO VOC & VOHAP free, odorless, 100% solids, with a 40 minute indoor pot life. Colored epoxies Resin is a two part resin to be combined with one part 100% Clear Hardener 2:1 ratio. Easy to use, will not set off fast.

Has superb performance in architectural applications.  

Our Clear Epoxy was designed to be cost effective solution for protecting concrete structures in industrial environments as a preventative coating for facility maintenance.

Product is Packaged in separate containers, two containers of RESIN and one container of CURATIVE.   

Quart kit shipping weight: 9 Lbs

Gallon kit shipping weight: 31 Lbs

15 Gallon kit shipping weight: 150 Lbs 

Designed for commercial, industrial, and residential industries, can be used with ColorFlakes, Quartz, Color Granules, Mica Flakes, Polymer Color Flakes, Paint Chips, Color Glitters and metallic pigments to create a beautiful Metallic Epoxy surface. 

Colored Epoxy Cure Safety Data Sheet
Colored Epoxy Resin Safety Data Sheet
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